River Silk Ribbon Collections

River Silks manufactures premium 100% silk ribbon. The silk ribbon is woven to strict specifications and hand dyed in Suzhou, China, the ancient capital of the Silk Road. In addition to the collections, individual spools of over 280 stunning colors in solid colors and over dyes in widths of 4 mm, and 7 mm are available by drop ship order. If you like a wider width, there are over 85 colors in the 13 mm silk ribbon. Just email us and tell us what you want! The ribbon is woven as ribbon and has a barely perceptible selvedge which gives them incredible durability. Needlepointers can stitch with lengths of 4-6 feet without any fraying. Quilters can sew through the ribbon without any running. Those favoring crazy quilts marvel at bobbin stitching done with River Silks! To see what colors are available, please visit River Silks.

You will find our ribbons are perfect for silk ribbon embroidery. No running, raveling or fraying as you get with most silk ribbons. You can purchase "OOOOOH!" The Book, by Paul Krynicki on Amazon.

The River Silks ribbon collections are also available on Amazon.
Contact Val via email to order individual spools

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